Graduated Dean’s List Combs College of Music 1975

MM Temple University 1991

and Broadcasts

Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano(1975)
Rowan University 1975, Joseph Forziati-Sax Composer-Piano; New School of Music 1975 broadcast on NPR. James Kilik-Sax, Gregory Lenton-Piano; Crissey Concerts at the Settlement School of Music 1993, Joseph Forziati- Alto Sax, Joseph Nocella-Piano; National Association of Composers USA 1998,  Lisa Shiota-Sax, Victoria Squicciarini-Piano; 2005 Suburban Music School Faculty Recita,l Sam Lorber- Sax, Joseph Nocella-Piano.

Autumn Trilogy for Flute, Guitar Cello and Soprano(1975)
PPhiladelphia Ethical Society 1976 presented by NACUSA with support by PA State Council for the Arts, Dolores Ferraro-Soprano, Tom McAnulty-Guitar, Ron Lipscomb-Cello, David Reskin-Flute.

Improvisation for Viola and Piano(1976)
PMTA Convention 1976 at Villa Maria College, Erie Pa.; Temple University Composers
Concert 1977; Crissey Concerts at Settlement School 1991, Peter Nocella-Viola, Annette DiMedio-Piano.

Winter Elegy for Horn and Strings(1978)
Walnut Street Theater 1979, Marc Mostovoy and the Concerto Soloists with Robert Hall;
Wayne Coterie 1994, Peter Nocella-Conductor, Mike Contino-Horn.

Jazz Piano Sonata(1980)
PMTA Convention at Indiana University 1981; Painted Bride Art Center 1983;
2nd Movement Crissey Concerts at Settlement School of Music 1992, Tom Lawton-Piano.

Love Songs(1985)
Ethical Society 1985 Penn Alliance for American Music, DoloresFerraro-Soprano,Tom Lawton-Piano; Fleisher Art Memorial 2000 Composer Services Inc. Kay Standifer-Soprano, Stephen Campitelli-Piano; Dolores Ferraro Recital of American Art Songs (2004), Dolores Ferraro-Soprano, Tom Lawton-Piano.

Passage for Strings(1986)
Temple University Composer Concert 1987 conducted by Joseph Nocella;
Stockton Chamber Orchestra 1989 conducted by Peter Nocella.

Mood Changes for Jazz Big Band(1990)
Glassboro State Jazz Festival 1990 Camden County Jazz Ensemble,
Sal Scarpa-Conductor.

Dialogue for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano(1990)
Settlement School of Music (Queen St.) 1990 Crissey Concerts, Florence Rosenswig-Violin, Peter Nocella-Viola, Tony Pierola-Cello, Tom Lawton-Piano; Suburban School of Music Faculty Concert 1996, Lenutta Antanisu-Violin, Peter Nocella-Viola, George Antanisu-Cello, Joseph Nocella-Piano.

Jackson Street for Jazz Big Band(1991)
Camden College 1991,Camden College Jazz Ensemble,Sal Scarpa-Conductor.

Nocella Brothers in Concert with Al Stauffer and Carl Mottola(1992)
Ethical Society 1992, Ron Nocella-Guitar, Joseph Nocella-Piano, Al Stauffer-Bass,
Carl Mottola-Drums.

Jazz Overture for Jazz Orchestra(1993)
Rowan Jazz Festival 1993 Rowan University Jazz Ensemble with Orchestra 2001, Dennis DiBlasio-Saxophone, John Thysen-Conductor.

Sonata for Two Guitars(1994)
Lansdowne Library 1994 Crissey Concerts, Jimmy Bruno and Ronald Nocella Guitars;
WRTI “Crossover” Show 2000 with Jill Pasternak and Jack Burkle (2nd movement).

Sonata for Guitar(1995)
Lansdowne Library 1995 Composer Services Inc. Concert, William Ghezzi-Guitar.

IAM Ver(Catullus) and Alleluia for acapella SATB chorus(1995)
Lansdowne Presbyterian Church, NACUSA concert conducted by Joseph Nocella.

Songs for a Season Slowly Dying for Mezzo-Soprano with Piano(1995)
Lansdowne Friends 1996 and Fleisher Art Memorial 1997, Ruth Ballis-Mezzo, Joseph Nocella-Piano; Fleisher Art Memorial 1999, Laurie McKenzie-Mezzo, Joseph Nocella-Piano; Crissey Concerts Lansdowne Presbyterian Church(2004), Paula Rivera –Mezzo, Joseph Nocella-Piano.

Jazz Tunes “Irascible You” and “Bahama Bop” 1997
Iracible You - WRTI “Crossover”(2000) with Jill Pasternak and Jack Burkle
Bahama Bop - WRTI “Crossover”(2001) with Jill Pasternak and Jack Burkle

Palm Sunday Cantata(1997) for Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists
St.Gabriel’s Church, Ecumenical Chorus 1998, David Mosteller-Baritone, Gayle Wieand-Soprano, Christofer Vogel-Conductor; 2009 Willow Grove Methodist Church Choir, Gayle Wieand-Soprano, Joseph Nocella-Conductor.

Songs of Sculptor (1998) for Baritone, Clarinet and Piano
Fleisher Art Memorial 1998, Crissey Concerts, David Mosteller-Baritone, Lisa Shiota-Clarinet,Victoria Squicciarini-Piano.

Our Story So Far(1999) music for Documentary Film.
Franklin Institute (1999-2004) continuous showings, Joseph Nocella on multi-keyboards.

Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano(1999)
Wallingford Arts Center 1999 Suburban Music School Faculty Concert; Penn State Abington NACUSA Concert 1999, Josephine Jones-Flute, Lisa Shiota-Clarinet, Stephen Campitelli-Piano; Philadelphia Ethical Society 2001 Composer Services Inc. Concert,Victoria Squiciarini-Piano, Hsing-I Ho-Flute Shiota-Clarinet

The African Mariner(2000) for Violin, Piano, Percussion and Two Narrators
Independence Seaport Museum 2000, Diane Monroe-Violin, Harvey Price-Percussion, Michal Schmidt-Piano, Charlotte Blake Alston and Thom Page Narrators.

Delaware County Symphony Jazz Ensemble (2000-2004) Joseph Nocella Pianist
Community Mass(2000) for SATB Chorus
St. Gabriel’s Church (Easter 2000) St .Gabriel’s Choir, , Joseph Nocella-Conductor.

The African Mariner(2001) for Violin, Piano, Bass, Percussion and Two Narrators
Independence Seaport Museum 2001, Diane Monroe-Violin,
Harvey Price-Percussion, Tom Lawton-Piano, Micha Jones-Bass,
Charlotte Blake Alston and Thom Page Narrators; WRTI-“Crossover” with Jill Pasternak
and Jack Burkle.

1427 Salon(Andrea Clearfield’s) (2001) Diane Monroe-violin, Joe Nocella-Piano
A Retrospective: The Music of Joe Nocella(2003) Delaware County Community College, Stephen Campitelli-Piano, Dolores Ferraro-Soprano, James Kenney-Guitar, Tom Lawton-Piano, David Mosteller-Baritone, Joseph Nocella-Piano, Ron Nocella-Guitar, Steve Selfridge-Sax, Rebecca Simon-Flute, Lisa Shiota-Clarinet, Victoria Squiciarini-Piano, Howard Thompson-Bass, Steve Darmafol-Drums.

Sonata for Saxophone and Piano(2005) Suburban Music Faculty Recital
Sam Lorber – Alto Saxophone, Composer – Piano

Toccata for Snare Drum and Piano(2005) Suburban Music School Faculty Recital
Ralph Sorrentino – Snare Drum, Joseph Nocella – Piano.

Media Jazz Festival (“Jazz by Night Celebration”) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Stephanie Klein-Vocal (2007-2010), Joseph Nocella-Piano (2007-2010), Bob Carl-Bass(2007); Howie Thompson-Bass(2008); Craig Thomas-bass(2010); Steve Selfridge-sax(2009); Ron Nocella-guitar(2007,2008), Randy Sarles guitar(2010).

Suite for Concert Band(2007) Garnet Valley High School (Composer in Residence)
James Olson conducting

Second Piano Sonata (2007) Suburban Music School Anniversary Concert 2007; Delaware County Community College Lecture/Recital 2007; Crissey Concerts St. Joseph’s University Chapel 2008, Stephen Campitelli-Piano.

Twelfth Night(2008) Original Songs and Incidental Music for Shakespeare Play, Delaware County Community College, Directed by Stephen Smith,
Joseph Nocella-Piano.

Brass Fanfare and Two Spanish Dances for Flute and Guitar ensemble (2009)
Garnet Valley High School (Composer in Residence) James Olson conducting

Samba in c minor and Sarabande (2009) Suburban Music School Master Series, Wallingford Community Arts Center, Diane Monroe-Violin Joseph Nocella-Piano.

Sarabande and Bahama Bop (2010) Penn State University, Brandywine Campus
Lecture Recital-Diane Monroe – violin Joseph Nocella Piano

Lecture/Recital (2011) ) Penn State University, Brandywine Campus,Stephen Selfridge-Sax, Joseph Nocella-Piano

Dona Nobis Pacem(2010) Delaware County Community College Chorus 2010, Richard Belcastro-Conductor, Joseph Nocella-Piano; 2011 Blessed Virgin Mary Choir, Joseph Nocella-Conductor.

* This is a partial list, which does not include the works that have not received a performance or those that are in progress.